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Self Service Movers: U-Load Movers Drive   

Self Service Movers or “do it yourself”


Self service companies charge for the mileage which their truck covers for transporting your goods. They also charge you for the space used up on the truck. For example, if you ordered for 14 feet of usage and had to use 16 feet; then you would be charged for extra usage of space.

Secondly, in case the customer is unable to take delivery on time due to his fault and the shipment remains with the transporter, then the customer is charged for this delay. Normally, a truck earns a thousand dollars per day and these are some of the charges that make up that amount.

The third and the most important component of your shipment cost is the amount spent on your auto shipping. Many self service moving companies allow shipment of vehicles along with normal household items. The loading and unloading is chargeable for the vehicle. In most cases, the services of a towing truck would be required to pick and load your vehicle. That would again add to your cost. Semis carry these auto ramps and weight might become an issue if your vehicle weighs more than the permissible limit of 4000 lbs. This might result in another surcharge. Also, purchase an insurance policy to cover any risk that might be involved with the shipment.

Self service movers generally, provide you with all the equipment required for the shipment process though some companies have it under hidden costs. The equipment should comprise of padding for furniture, tie-down straps with a ramp. They do not help in loading, though. Drivers can be asked to help by offering them some tips.
The difference between a self service and a full service provider is the liability. The self service movers are only responsible for claims arising out of accident or theft. They are not responsible in any way in case the items are not handled or loaded properly.
Please fill in the moving estimate here to compare prices amongst the various self service moving companies and get information about packing and moving trucks as well. This would help you in arriving at a decision for your storage needs and requirements within no time.


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